In Expanse players are able to play as 3 characters with unique abilities. Use them to push lanes and kill your enemies to reach their core!




Expanse is an RTS MOBA hybrid, built in the Starcraft II Galaxy Editor.


Control 3 champions in a war against a foe online. Enhance each champion by building unique structures, which come with a selection of upgrades.​

Role: Solo Project
Objective:  Create a true RTS/Moba hybrid
Engine: Starcraft ii Galaxy editor
Development Time:  3 months

Multiple Abilities

Fight and last as long as you can against multiple different enemies and bosses. Each having their own unique mechanics which need teamwork to bring them down.

Neon Collapse

Top-down shooter

Neon Collapse is a top-down space shooter built in Unreal Engine 4.


The universe has collapsed causing survivors to create micro-universes powered by their mothership. In Neon Collapse you play as one of the guardians of a mothership and prevent waves of enemies from destroying your universe. You can play this solo or with up to 3 other friends in LAN co-op. 

Role: Gameplay designer, Level designer, and lead Pvp designer
Objective:  create weapons, abilities, levels and pvp game modes
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Development Time:  6 months



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